• "Out of the Box" Strategic Solutions for Creatives, Startups, Nonprofits, and Corporations


  • Providing "Out of the Box" Strategic Solutions for Startups, Nonprofits and Corporations

    Your Passport to Innovation and Expansion

    Strategic Diversity Group provides "Out Of The Box" business development, brand alliance, marketing / pr and social network marketing services for nonprofits, startups and corporate businesses in transition.  Technology + Creativity + People are the core of our existence.  Some of our brands include: BiTHouse,  AgTech2050, VC Collective, and OTGC On The Green Carpet

  • WIRED2015

    Reboot Your Inspiration

    October 15-16



    Prepare to abandon your comfort zone, meet some of the world’s most disruptive minds and explore the future – WIRED’s annual two-day conference is back.


    Experience the WIRED world brought to life as we gather the most exciting people from across the WIRED network in one place. Be inspired by more than 50 fascinating speakers, experience the latest technologies in the Test Lab product area, and enjoy exceptional networking with like-minded individuals.


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    Internet of Things Conference

    October 14-15

    Lund, Sweden


    Internet of Things Conference is a two day conference aiming to provide a clear picture of the Internet of Things landscape – where are we, where are we heading, what obstacles can we expect and how do we solve them.


    Find out more here:




    Strategy + Technology + Communications


    Strategic Diversity Group Provides

    "Out Of The Box" Solutions




    Opportunity + New Thinking + Execution


    Strategic Diversity Group identifies opportunities and creates "Out of the Box" strategic solutions in order to help your organization embrace change and excel in the market place.




    S.A.V.E Business Framework

    Solution + Access + Value + Education


    The S.A.V.E. framework allows businesses to keep this mindset at the forefront of their operations, acting as the centerpiece for this new solution-selling strategy and can be useful in designing new business models for your organization.



    - Customers don’t care about the product, all they care about is solving their problems. What is the job you get done? 

    - Many businesses operate around the clock, as a result of high speed Internet access. Place is irrelevant, it’s all about access. What do you give a customer at this precise moment that they want or need?


    - What is the value you create? When designing new business models your value proposition is key.

    - Focus on Education instead of promotion. Businesses today can act as ‘entreproducers’, providing current and potential customers with information relevant to their interests.  You have an opportunity to enhance familiarity long before a purchase is made.  How will you educate consumers? 


    Partnership Development

    Growth + Development + Diversity

    Strategic Diversity Group helps you develop and grow successful business partnerships at the executive level across organizations. 




    Product Adoption

    Innovation + New Markets + Adoption


    Strategic Diversity Group unlocks new business opportunities by spotting and actioning on untapped markets and trends in the IoT, Wearables, Health, Fashion, Travel and Entertainment Industries.


    Diversity and Inclusion

    Structure + Agility + Market Presence


    Strategic Diversity Group helps you identify partners and understand diverse perspectives in order to develop new tools, products and services. We analyze core competencies to realize business opportunities and match partners objectives with organizational goals and objectives. We help you maintain engagement with current partners and attract new partnerships in order to remain competitive.




    Cross Functional Processes

    Development + Sales + Marketing


    Strategic Diversity Group persuades internal and external stakeholders to overcome roadblocks and drive cross-functional efforts across development, marketing, sales, engineering, finance, community outreach and other teams.


    Strategic Communications

    Product + Strategic Communications + Brand Identity


    Strategic Diversity Group helps you strategically communicate your product and/or service, while engaging early adopters by creating brand identity and market leadership. 


  • S.A.V.E

    Introducing the S.A.V.E framework to startup founders and SME's.

    Due to increased connectivity, consumer behavior and business models, classic principles are not as applicable. We help you identify, strategize and execute. We help you strategically position and communicate your product and/or service via various channels to attract and gain early adopters in the right market at the right time. the right market for your product and/or service.


    Solution, Access, Value and Education 


    Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks


    W Jewell Sparks is a biologist turned business leader with over 20 years of experience as a scientific innovator, sales, organizational effectiveness and business development strategist.  Having worked in both corporate and startup cultures, she understands the needs of today's technology landscape and how to merge innovative solutions with corporate mindsets and business needs. She possesses a MBA in Strategic Planning, Global Markets and Corporate Communications. Jewell is a serial entrepreneur and community advocate focused on "Bridging the Gap" between science, creativity, entrepreneurship, business, brands and social influencers.


    Sparks' personal business mission is to help others position and scale their businesses in order to increase brand awareness across diverse markets and generate revenue via strategic partnerships, alliances and social network marketing. Her expertise has enhanced organizations and nonprofits focused on the following industries: IoT, wearables, automotive, apparel, biotechnology, communications, consumer products, entertainment, environment, information technology, marketing and media.


    Strategic Diversity Group Inc has worked with several corporations, non-profits and startups. We provide consulting, business development, social network marketing and public relation services.  As a service provider we donate a minimum of 40 hours of services a month and approximately $250,000 worth of services a year to startups, non-profits and creatives in need of social network marketing, brand alliances and public relations.  A few of our supporters, clients, partners and subsidiaries are listed below. 

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  • YOU + SDG


    Specializing in Business Development and Diverse Markets